Travel in Times of Uncetainty

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In early 2020, the world was changed by the prevalence of a new infectious disease, the novel COVID19. "Novel" means new but joining a family of other, well-known Covid viruses. This one has had great impact on travel and tourism, however.

Should you travel?

Your decision is individual and should be based on information from the CDC, NIH, and WHO organizations as well as local departments of health such as that for
Alaska. On the Alaska site, you can find advice for travelers. Even the State of Alaska Department of Health refers everyone to the CDC, and there, travelers get their own page!

The inspected and approved B&Bs in Anchorage held continuing education for hostB&B s, preparing them to plan adequately for prevention, mitigation, and even response in the case of positive test results. This new information, along with long-standing commitments to cleanliness, hygiene, and safety added to AABBA B&B strong points. (The AABBA B&Bs have actual inspections during which two or more persons visit and evaluate more than 60 points at the B&B!)

B&Bs offer travelers places to stay that is away from public areas and crowds - a factor that may have appeal to travelers who prefer to decrease the risk of potential exposure. When you pick a B&B that has a business license, Municipality of Anchorage registration, and the "Inspected & Approved" seal, you pick one that is dedicated to small business standards of the community. Remember that B&Bs are small, meaning owners have fewer rooms to concentrate on for cleanliness and safe conditions!

Call the
AABBA Hotline at 907-272-5909 and speak with a volunteer about Anchorage B&Bs and to help you plan your dream drip to Alaska! Be smart about hand washing and avoidance of touching surfaces such as hand rails, door handles, and other common areas - and certainly avoid touching your face. If you have symptoms or have possibly been exposed, think of yourself AND think of others. You may be fine but may be the carrier to someone who is not as fortunate. In essence - travel safely!

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Dreaming of Alaska Adventures?

Travel to Alaska

If you have been trying to decide where to travel this year, and Alaska has been on your bucket list for some time, view this short video. It might help you make the decision!

When you plan to visit, consider staying at Bed & Breakfasts along the way. You will get a much truer view of Alaska than in if you settle for a brand-name accommodation found in any city, as B&Bs are run by local entrepreneurs, serve a limited number of guests at one time, and give you both the privacy and security you desire. B&Bs have amenities - ask the host! Ours has free (and very secure) Wi-Fi, breakfasts that accommodate your preferences, and free parking, among other things.

B&Bs are often located in scenic areas rather in the downtown business district. In Anchorage, nothing is far from museums and shopping, so don’t let a concept of distance limit you. Staying on the hillside, or where you can observe the waters of Turnagain Arm has a bonus: you may have a moose visit to check the B&B’s raspberries or vegetable garden!

It is best to rental a vehicle to see Alaska - most travelers want to go to Denali or Seward, perhaps Whittier or Talkeetna, and on their own schedule. You can stop at Beluga Point to Whale watch, visit the lookout or walk the trails at Flat Top Mountain, and take a side road to shop for Peter Brondz pottery

We would love to host you at Jarvi Homestay! If your party has 1 - 4 travelers, consider our two-bedroom B&B. You will have the lower floor of our home for your use - on strangers, just you and your family or friends. We book quickly, so check our calendar today for your travel dates. Prefer to talk? Call us at 907-561-3349 in Alaska (and please leave a message: I may be out of range when you call!)

Make this the year of your Alaska adventure!

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