Transportation & Trails

Alaska is limited in roadways throughout the state. In the cities (Anchorage, Juneau, Fairbanks) & some of the villages, roads are available. In Anchorage, no problem. Where you wish to go, there is a street or a highway.
  • Cab Service
  • The People Mover Bus System Jarvi Homestay is approximately one mile from a bus stop
    • The #60 stops at the north end of the neighborhood, on Oceanview, & takes you downtown. For schedules & fares, check the website
  • Car Rentals - Anchorage is pricey - make yours in advance and check AARP, Costco, and similar options
  • RV Rentals
  • Trains - Alaska Railway
  • Airport - The Ted Stevens International serves many airlines. We are 8.75 miles away.
  • Planes - Sightseeing/Flightseeing Tours - Merrill Field & Ted Stevens Airport are possible sites
  • Commercial Airlines - check your preferred airlines
  • Bicycles - More than ten sources for renting bicycles are available. You may want to purchase inexpensive models for getting around if you are visiting for several day. We will donate bikes to charities if you leave them with us

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