August Days

August means fireweed is in bloom!
fireweed in bloomAugust is here and the days are long (and beautiful!). The fireweed is in full bloom, and locals watch it carefully. It is said that the fireweed predicts the first frost or the coming of winter. In full bloom all the way to the top of the plant, it looks like a lighted match with its fiery red blossoms. Then, like a match, the red changes to grey, resembling ashes.

When all blossoms are grey and cotton like, start counting: Here is some more information about fireweed's predictive powers. Some say that when the bloom begins to turn grey, that is when to check your calendar - it is six weeks until winter! So visit in August to see the beauty of fireweed and to hear the stories. You will see blooms in Anchorage as well as on hikes and tours out of town. We can offer ideas of places to go to enjoy the falll flowers - Jarvi Homestay is your first stop!
fireweed-end of season