Moose in Spring

Garys Moose Moose Alert!
This female moose came to the porch of a naturopathic doctor today - was she seeking medical advice? Like many, she is due in about six weeks. What a great time to visit Anchorage and look for mamas and newborns. Mid-May to the end of June is the prime time for these events.

The moose wander neighborhoods such as the one in which JarviHomestay resides. Young moose often stop traffic crossing the streets in search of tasty shrubs and bushes! Once a moose finds a happy spot, she (or he) will tuck legs under, lay down, and nap. We often find one sleeping near the park up the street, or near the bluff.

And no matter how many moose we see, Alaska residents always stop to admire the next one. You will too!